Home 9 LifeStyle line


Black and white, representatives of classicism and elegance, thanks to innovative materials, are harmoniously combined with polished steel, for unique design lines with a strong aesthetic appeal and refined style. Professional functionality and high quality standards.


Stainless steel, enhanced by the shine of the finish, creates essential and contemporary lines for a rigorous, clean and light collection. A modern design that does not ignore the needs of professional comfort.


Stainless steel means: reliability, durability and tradition. An interpretation of design that meets the requirements of modularity and functionality, with strict rules of attention to materials.


A reinterpretation of wood in a contemporary and functional way, warm and passionate. A design that seeks a simplicity where innovation is present without any ostentation.


Black wood, the colour of elegance and refinement, highlights the elements that blend with it: glass and steel. Lava stone, a unique material in modern culinary innovation, is an indispensable tool in the kitchen, offering unique advantages for healthy eating.


Glass with its harmonious and elegant shapes creates a collection that can meet all space and display requirements.